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Wireless Microphone Lavalier Microphone 2 in 1 for iPad YouTube Facebook Live Streaming Vlog Audio Recording Cordless Mini mic with noise reduction and Plug-Play
  • ✅ {Plug & play} Lavalier 2 in1 microphone is a wireless microphone so you don’t have to deal with the cables and it is convenient. Very easy to connect. It’s just plug and play device. First step is to plug the receiver in the device. The second step is turn on the microphone. Both will connect with each other and you don’t need any kind of application or a Bluetooth connection. It comes with the clip that stick with you shirt and you can record a video or audio without any problem.
  • ✅ {Long Distance Transmission} This upgraded wireless microphone comes with the long distance transmission quality. It provides you the 60 feet range of the audio transmission without cable and any harsh noises.
  • ✅ {Compatibility}It is compatible with iOS devices and also with the android devices who has type C port. It comes with type C and lightening type interface it includes a converter that helps you to connect with both type of devices. It works with iPhone 5/6/7/8/x/11/12/13 and all their variants and all android phones with USB-C. This wireless microphone work for video recording, separate audio recording, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and all other live streaming platforms.
  • ✅ clip help to stick the microphone with your clothes your tie or shirt. No wire needed so it is helpful for the filmmaker and vloggers. The transmitter has the build in rechargeable battery that works for the long period of time which is around 4-6 hours.
  • ✅ {Real Time Sync} microphone captures the sound all around and neglects the noise, distortion and other kind of irritating voices. Its auto synchronizing technology reduce the video post editing. It can synchronize the background music and human voices with the video without any delay in voice.

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