Buy Hair Dye Brush and Bowl Set, 23Pcs Salon Hair Coloring Dyeing Kit Color Dye Spatulas Brush Comb Clips Bowl Mixing Tint Tool Hair Bleaching Tools for best price, Sri Lanka

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  • HAIR DYEING TOOL KIT COMPLETE: equipped with a dyeing bowl, a hair dyeing comb, three different kinds of hair dyeing brushes, four butterfly clips, two duckbill clips and twelve smearing spatulas, it's able to meet various basic demands
  • WIDELY USED: suitable for stiring and smearing hair coloring cream,designed for hair dyeing and coloring, perfect for both salon and home use
  • CONVENIENT: hair dyeing comb is used to dress one's hairs to keep them clean and tidy,brushes of different sizes and shapes are quite suitable for applying dye,hair clip helps to separate hairs and hold them tightly,smearing spatulas plays a major role in stirring dye fully and thoroughly, It's able to mix dye & bleach perfectly
  • HIGH QUALITY: easy to clean,durable enough for a long time use,an ideal item for hair dyeing
  • DIY HAIR HAIR DYEING: It can be given to the elderly, so that they can enjoy it at home DIY hair dyeing

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