Buy 21 In 1 Colors Interchangeable Ladies Watch Set for best price, Sri Lanka

Category : Watches & Accessories - Women's Watches
Rs. 3,500.00
Rs. 3,150.00
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  • 21 in 1 Colors Interchangeable Ladies Watch Set
  • High Quality Material.
  • Watch Gift Set 20 Interchangeable Strap and Bezel.
  • Enjoy versatility with this girls interchangeable bezel watch set.
  • Choose from its 6 interchangeable bands and 20 interchangeable bezels to accessorize any wardrobe.
  • The bezels are simple to replace.
  • Turn counter-clockwise to remove and to secure a new bezel in place, turn clockwise.
  • The bands are also easy to interchange. Simply slide off the band, and then slide on the new band.
  • The bands come in Different Pretty feminine colors.
  • All pieces of the set are easily interchangeable for all ages.
  • It is perfect wonderful Gift and brings that special smile on her lips

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