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What is the use of VWash plus

The V Wash Plus can be used on a daily basis and effectively helps maintain vaginal hygiene, thus preventing the growth of bacteria resulting in infections. The wash has a pH of 3.5, which maintains the protective layer on the vagina that prevents the onset of infection.

How do you use VWash liquid

VWash can be applied by pouring a few drops onto your palm and gently massaging the external area of your vagina. Rinse thoroughly with water after application. It can be used even during your periods and leaves no side effects

  • Prevents unpleasent odors and irritation in the intimate areas
  • Vwash plus is enriched with sea buckethorn oil which contains an
    abundance of vitamins, minerals , antioxidants and amino acids
  • Daily washing with Vwash plus leaves a fresh sensation and maintains healthy vaginal flora

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