Stud 5000 Delay Spray/ Best Delay Spray For Men/Spray For long lasting in Bed - Best price in Sri Lanka

Category : Sexual & Wellness - Delay Sprays
Rs. 2,500.00
Rs. 2,250.00

looking For Best Delay Spray ?

100% No any Side  effects 

Spray For long lasting in Bed 

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 Prolonged sexual pleasure as ejaculation is delayed

- You can enjoy sensual oral time as the strawberry flavor can make your oral time exciting and delightful

- It is a blessing in disguise for men suffering from premature ejaculation as they can be sure of performing longer and provide a fulfilling sex to their partner

- Helps to hold the erection for a longer time and thus allows for a longer performance

- Allow women to enjoy great orgasm as delayed ejaculation can allow men to try various positions and allow women to experience multiple orgasms

- A trusted product with satisfying results. Sold in India for the past 20 years

- The delay spray helps in preventing divorces and break ups as it plays an important role allowing couples to enjoy a happy and satisfied sexual life

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