Universal Foam Cleaner With Brush - Best price in Sri Lanka

Category : House Hold Items & Acceries - Laundry & Cleaning
Rs. 1,000.00
Rs. 900.00
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  • Premium Quality
  • Volume: 650ml
  • Cleaning kit
  • Best Product
  • Apply on Surface of Office equipment, Metals, Plastics, Furniture, Floors, Walls and ceramic products etc
  • 1. Protect: Fights fading, aging, cracking, and provides UV protection. Perfect for your car's dash, vinyl, consoles, leather and more.
  • 2. Restore: Bring your car back to that "like new" feel. Adds deep, rich beauty to dashes, and other interior surfaces. They also renew and revitalize vinyl, rubber, and plastic.
  • 3. Fresh: Keeps your car clean from all the dirt and debris that finds its way inside your car's interior. Easily remove even ground-in dirt and grime.
  • 4. Clean Any Surface: This multi surface product works on absolutely every interior or exterior surface except glass and delicate instrument panel screens! That means it will clean upholstery , fabric , canvas , leather , plastic , rubber, grease , tree sap , metals , wood trim and so much more! This is the most versatile multi-purpose cleaner on the market!
  • 5. Easy to Use: Quick and easy multi surface spray removes stuck on dirt. A fresh way to clean, refresh, and remove odors from non-porous surfaces throughout the house

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