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Sliming Herb Teas are an all-natural, herbal beverage with no preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. Taken regularly,it nourishes 

and accelerates 'internal cleansing' of the body. To stay slim and healthy, the gastrointestinal system must function well. 

If 'toxins' are allowed to accumulate in the intestines, the person will feel tired and sluggish, experience bad breath, 

water retention and an accumulation of excess fat in the body. Stressful environment, heavy work pressure, 

poor dietary habit (heavy meals with lots of fried food),lack of exercise. All these can contribute to build up of toxins in your system. 

Your intestines are like drainpipes in your kitchen where grease and other 'rubbish' are constantly poured down the drain. 

If it is not cleaned regularly, the oil and grease will slowly form a film around the insides of the pipes, and will eventually clog up the drain. 

When this happens in the intestines, the result is poor absorption of nutrients.

About German Herb Sliming Tea

  • German Herb SlimingTeacontains only natural ingredients.
  • This slimming tea is fine for women and men alike.
  • If you enjoy drinking tea each day, then this product issuitable for your lifestyle.


  • A herbal beverage
  • Slimming Herb is good for overweighted persons who do not want tocontrol food consumption
  • Prevents accumulation of fat
  • It nourishes and accelerates 'internal cleansing' of thebody


  • Loosen the bowels by providing constipation relief and promotingregularity of motions.

  • Prevents accumulation of fat.

  • No side effects or unwanted stomach stimulation.

  • Prevents the loss of minerals in the body.

Product of German Herb (Thai) & Co.
Made in Thailand

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Slimming-Herb-Healthy-Tea-Weight-Loss-Fat-Burn-Diet-Slim-Fast-Detox-Cleansers Slimming-Herb-Healthy-Tea-Weight-Loss-Fat-Burn-Diet-Slim-Fast-Detox-Cleansers Slimming Herb Healthy Tea Weight Loss Fat Burn Diet Slim Fast Detox Cleansers

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